How to Choose Right Mortar Spray Machine

There are many types of mortar spray machines varying in quality in the market. If you really want to choose the most suitable cement plaster machine, you may take this two aspects into account.

 Mortar Spray Machine

Mortar Sprayer

On the one hand, you should choose the spraying machine according to your spraying material. Mortar spray machine is mainly divided into air sprayer, high-pressure airless spraying machine, air auxiliary airless spray equipment, low flow medium pressure spraying equipment, airless spraying machine, high efficiency and low pressure sprayer and electrostatic sprayer. Choose one type according to your use and your need. For example, If the size of the construction is not large but the structure is complex, and you want the film thickness is relatively thin, then air electrostatic gun should be used. If the structure is not particularly complex, use an ordinary air nozzle, with a smaller caliber.

Cement Spraying Machine 

Cement Sprayer

On the other hand, the performance, stability, technical and after sale services of the mortar spray machine should be put in an important position.


1. The performance of the mortar spray machine mainly refers to the rate and ability of feeding powder, and the service life of other parts. The performance of similar products from different manufacturers also tend to be varied. You need to choose a reliable manufacturer like Yugong. Check mortar spray machine technical parameter here in this page.


2. The stability of mortar spray machine. Industrial working environment of the mortar spray machine is not comparable to home electric appliances. Sometimes, the environment is very poor, and often work continuously last for a long time , therefore, the stability of the spraying machine is very important.


3. Technical services and after-sale services. Many customers need to operate the spraying machine under the guidance of technical experts. Thus they can successfully master the direction of electrostatic powder spraying. However, general salesman far cannot meet such requirement and they may only teach customers use methods. But if you buy mortar spray machine from Henan Yugong, our engineer will train operator for you free of charge.


I really hope this article can help you to choose a right mortar spray machine even though you don’t buy the machine from Yugong machinery. But I still recommend you mortar spray machine in our company. Contact us for more details.