Diamond Wire Saw for Sale

Diamond wire saw is a kind of cutting and splitting machine like rock splitter which can be used in the cutting of concrete, column, bridge, granite, stones, etc. For its wide use, diamond wire saw machine is also know as wire saw machine, concrete wire saw, wire stone saw, abrasive wire saw, granite wire saw cutting machine, quarry wire saw, and wire rock saw. The use of the diamond wire saw is quite flexible which can easily achieve transverse cutting and vertical cutting. Wire saw machine is a perfect choice if you want to cut some certain parts of a structure, even though works underwater 30-50 meters deep. So if you need help in this way, please feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with quality diamond wire saw machine and other technical helps.

YG-SHJ-01 Hydraulic Wire Saw for Sale

YG-SHJ-01 Hydraulic Wire Saw for Sale

Two Types of Diamond Wire Saw Machine

According to different driven power, diamond wire saw machine for sale in YUGONG consists of hydraulic wire saw and electric wire saw. Hydraulic pump and cooling water ensure the smooth working of hydraulic wire saw, and electricity enables the electric wire saw to work. Following content I will present you more detailed information about hydraulic wire saw machine and electric wire saw. If you have any question, please contact us.

YG-SHJ-02 Stone Wire Saw for Sale

YG-SHJ-02 Stone Wire Saw for Sale

Hydraulic Wire Saw

Hydraulic diamond wire saw is the newest generation concrete cutting machine developed by YUGONG with the help of long-year working experience and machinery design.

Hydraulic wire saw machine is very powerful in working thanks to the imported Australian motor and Italian hydraulic components. You don’t have to trim for the cutting is straight and neat in working, and when working on concrete, ceramic, and glass, diamond wire cutting machine is low in noise and non-vibrating.

YG-SHJ-03 Concrete Wire Saw for Sale

 hydraulic stone wire saw

Hydraulic concrete wire saw is very suitable for cutting complex cross sections. So when you purchase the diamond wire saw machine, please tell sales manager in my company clearly so that she or he can give right suggest and provide relevant detailed information.

Electric Wire Saw

Electric diamond rope saw has electricity as its power. Compared with hydraulic stone cutting wire saw, electric stone wire saw doesn’t need a lot of cooling water. And the thing you need to do is to add some cooling water in the head of the wire saw rope. The cost of the electric diamond coated wire saw is much lower than hydraulic diamond wire cutting machine because it doesn’t need hydraulic system.

YG-SHJ-04 Electric Wire Saw for Sale

 YG-SHJ-04 Electric Wire Saw for Sale

Either hydraulic diamond wire saw cutting machine or diamond wire saw rope, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Here I have to mention is that, hydraulic wire saw cutting machine is the hotter seller than electric concrete wire saw machine. You can also consider the condition of yours, and choose the right type.

YG-SHJ-05 Remote Control Granite Wire Saw for Sale

remote control concrete wire saw machine

Portable Diamond Wire Saw

Both hydraulic abrasive wire saw and electric diamond cable saw are mobile available. They are small in size and light in weight so that you can move them from one place to another easily. And hydraulic concrete cutting wire saw machine is lighter in weight compared with electric diamond wire saw cutting. A flexible wire saw can bring you many convenience.

circuit of the granite waire saw machine

Diamond Wire Saw Machine Price

YUGONG Machinery can guarantee you a competitive price of the hydraulic wire rope saw and electric wire saw because we have our own manufacturing factory and we focus on scale production. We will lower the cost of the diamond wire saw stone cutting machine while confirm the quality of the machine. So choose YUGONG, and choose convenience and guarantee.

diamond wire cutting rope

Diamond Wire Saw Manufacturer-Henan Yugong

Henan YUGONG is a professional and reliable machinery manufacturer in China which manufactures many different types of quality machines like diamond wire saw machine, lining marking machine, road roller compactor, concrete power trowel machine, crack sealing machine, concrete floor milling machine, hydraulic rock splitter, mortar spray machine, concrete shotcrete machine, etc. Customers who have cooperated with YUGONG come from different countries around the world, such as America, Brazil, Russia, Zambia, Guinea, Pakistan, South Africa, India, Kazakhstan, etc. And all machines in YUGONG meets the requirements of relevant quality inspection bureau, so you can feel assured to buy.

Wide application of the wire saw machine

Six Outstanding Features of Yugong Wire Saw

1. Wide application. Wire saw machine manufactured by YUGONG can be widely used in many geological environments, such as granite, concrete, quarry, and other places where have stones to be cut.

2. Excellent functions and high efficiency. Diamond wire rope in YUGONG can work even underwater 30-50 meters deep, and the cutting speed is very fast.

3. Flexible. The diamond wire cutting steel machine in YUGONG is very flexible in working which can achieve 360-degree rotation, and it can make vertical cutting and horizontal cutting available.

4. Environment-friendly, free-dust, and free-noise. Operators can get split operation, and the operation is very easy.

5. Low cost and high yield. The cut surface is very smooth, and the saw seam is small, which will not cause waste.

6. Complete after-sales services system. The diamond saw cutting machine and other machines in YUGONG enjoys a one-year warranty. Our technical staff will provide operator training free of charge.

some detailed parts of the wire saw machine

Wire Saw Machine Parts

Hydraulic granite wire saw cutting machine mainly consists of hydraulic wire saw head and hydraulic power station group. The former part mainly has driving wheel, slave wheels, hydraulic motor, reel cylinder, and telescopic saw frame. And the later part mainly includes motor, oil pump, fuel tank, filter, hydraulic hose, water cooler, and high pressure valve. These parts cooperate together and give great help for you.

Wire Saw Machine Working

The working principle of the diamond wire machine is not complicated. Under the high-speed rotation of the cutting machine, the steel bar and concrete are grinded and cut according to the specified position by using water cooling, so that the reinforced concrete cutting is separated and removed and divided into two parts. This is a more advanced cutting and demolition construction method in the world without vibration, dust and damage.


The cutting and dismantling technology of diamond wire saw cutting machine is a new construction method of environmental protection, high efficiency and safety, which is mainly used in all kinds of building reconstruction projects.

Hydraulic Wire Saw Machine Specification

Wire Saw Wheel Parameters

Hydraulic Pump Station Parameters

Wire Drive Mode


Rated Output Power


Model Type


Working Voltage

380v 50Hz

Minimum Input Power


Hydraulic Pump Station

Gear pump

Output Shaft Speed


Motor Working Floe


Maximum Wire Length


Working Pressure


Feeding Method

Fully hydraulic

Oil Tank Volume


Wire Saw Wheel




Motor Weight




Cutting Type

Transverse and longitudinal cutting

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