Floor Grinder for Sale

Floor grinder, also been called floor grinding machine, floor grinder polisher, and concrete grinding machine, is mainly used for floor grinding. It is an floor paint removal machine like floor shot blaster and road scarifier used for grinding and polishing cement floor, concrete floor, epoxy mortar layer, and old epoxy floor. The floor grinder polisher is characteristic of light weight, flexible moving, and high efficiency. As a necessary road construction tool and equipment, floor grinder for sale in Henan Yugong Machinery Co., Ltd is well received by customers from India, Australia, Perth, Africa, New Zealand, Malaysia, etc.

Floor Grinder for Sale

YG-380 Floor Grinder for Sale

We mainly manufactures one type floor grinding machine which are customizable in color and voltage. With diamond floor grinding disc and exported powerful engine, the floor grinding equipment can do a better job for you. And in the floor grinding and polishing machine, there is dust collector which makes a dust free concrete floor grinding. More details will be presented in the parameter chart below. If you want to know more, please send me inquiry.

YG-380 Floor Grinder for Sale

Technical Parameter of YG-380 Dust Free Floor Grinding Machine


YG-380 Floor Grinding Machine





Dust Collector Power


Disc (Wheel) Type

Grinding Disc

Disc Diameter


Disc Rotation Speed


Grinding Plate


Grinding Heads


Working Efficiency






Floor Grinding Machine Details

Details of Floor Grinding Machine

Floor Grinder Accessories-Floor Grinding Disc

Type of Floor Grinding Disc

Using Purpose and Application

Diamond Floor Grinding Blocks

1. Concrete floor high ground leveling

2. Concrete floor sanding and leveling

3. Hard resin floor polishing

Sand Floor Grinding Disc

Polish the epoxy intermediate layer and sanding floor

Diamond Floor Grinding Disc

1. Removal of oil contaminants in floor

2. Polishing of the flat floor

3. Polish the rough floor or trowel marks

Epoxy Knives

Grind the epoxy floor of 1mm or less. After that, you can paint primer directly

Choose the right grinding tools according to your application ground


1. Diamond Floor Grinding Disc should not be used on the floor where the unevenness is very strong and the ground with nails and other protrusions so as to avoid damage to the floor grinder blades and shorten the service life.

2. When the blades is stuck by resin and garbage, the grinding ability of the floor grinding machine will be lowered. So please check and remove the garbage in time.

Grinding Effect of the Floor Grinding Machine

Seven Design Features of the Floor Grinding Machine

1. The the floor grinding and flooring machine is equipped with folding handle and integrated central control panel which makes the machine safe and simple.

2. Inverter motor with high power meeting industrial long-term grinding.

3. Automatic pressure regulation control system to meet different construction process requirements.

4. Equipped with vacuum dust collector, floor grinder polisher can achieve wet and dry grinding.

5. The floor grinding machine is designed with rotary type water discharge switch and the central water outlet system of the floor grinder diamond disc, which effectively solve the secondary loss of the grinding consumables, thereby greatly improving the working efficiency.

6. Multi-function diamond grinding discs can be installed with a wide range of grinding consumables to minimize your construction costs.

7. With novel design and attractive appearance, Yugong Floor grinding machine enjoys a high popularity among our customers.

Grinding Effect of the Floor Grinder

Concrete Floor Grinding Tips

1. When using the concrete grinding machine, please wear safety helmet and shoes. And you can choose to wear mask and earplugs when the construction environment required.

2. The dust free concrete floor grinding machine is not explosion-proof, so flammable substances such as gasoline, thinner, gas etc should never be used nearby.

3. Don’t touch the running part of the motor and the blade because they are very hot. When you need to change the blade, please wait they are totally cooled.

4. Please follow the relevant regulations in your place regarding noise.

5. When grinding polyurethane and resin, the current is very large, which may cause the malfunction of the motor for overloading. If you insist to use it, the motor may burn out.

6. Consumables such as knives must use our company's accessories or designated accessories by the manufacturer. If you use wear parts of others, function of the floor grinding and polishing machine may be reduced.

7. If there is something goes wrong during the working of the floor grinding machine, please stop at once. And then check the machine until you are sure it is safe.

 Floor Grinding Machine in Factory


Concrete Grinding Machine Manufacturer

Henan Yugong Machinery Co., Ltd specializes in the manufacturing and developing of different types of small construction equipment. The main machinery in Yugong is road construction tools and equipment like mini road roller, line marking machine, asphalt crack filler machine, road scarifier, concrete power trowel machine etc; cutting and splitting machine like wire saw machine and hydraulic rock splitter; spraying machine like mortar spraying machine, shotcrete machine, and sand blasting machine. All these machinery in Yugong has got the approval of ISO9001 and CE, so you can feel assured to buy them. And here are some other reasons that you should by floor grinding machine from Henan Yugong:


1. Stable operation. Stable and smooth operation is the first thing for you to consider when buying a floor grinding and polishing machine because it can reduce the maintenance rate of the machine.

2. Grinding Speed. Grinding speed of a floor grinding equipment decides the working efficiency which indirectly effect your cost and benefits.

3. Reliability. An reliable dust free floor grinding machine can ensure the safety of the workers.

4. Grinding result. A good floor grinding and polishing machine means the grinding effect is even, clear, and shiny.


If you want to buy electric floor grinder with the above four advantages, Henan Yugong will be your best choice. Please send us email for more details, and we will provide you a good floor grinding machine price.

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