Floor Shot Blaster

Floor shot blaster is a kind of road construction tool and equipment like mini roller compactor, line marking machine, power trowel machine, and crack sealing machine which can clean up the floating slurry and other contaminants like dust and paint at one time, and can roughen the road surface greatly improving the adhesion strength of waterproof layer and concrete base so that the waterproof layer and bridge deck can be better combined. Meanwhile, the cracks of concrete can be fully exposed after the working of portable shot blasting machine, which plays a preventive role. A shot blasting machine can be used in concrete floor and steel floor. With excellent performance, floor shot blaster for sale in Henan Yugong has been well welcomed by customers.

Double Motor Floor Shot Blasting Machine

Double Motor Floor Shot Blasting Machine

The First Type Shot Blaster Machine

Matched Dust Collector for Floor Shot Blasting Machine

Two Types of Shot Blasting Machine

1. Single Motor Floor Shot Blasting Machine

2. Double Motor Floor Shot Blaster

Single Motor Concrete Shot Floor Blaster

Single Motor Concrete Shot Floor Blaster

The Second Type of Single Motor Automatic Shot Blasting Machine

The Second Type of Single Motor Automatic Shot Blasting Machine

Shot Blasting Machine Specifications





Shot Wheel Motor




Work Motor




Working Efficiency in Concrete

180 m2/h

400 m2/h

600 m2/h

Working Efficiency in Steel Plate

15-25 m2/h

75-100 m2/h

100-160 m2/h

Shot Wheel Diameter




Working Width




Dedusting Connecting Tube Diameter








Steel Spot No. (g/m2)




Size (mm)




Power Connection Requirements

400V, 50Hz, 100A, CEE socket

The Second Type Double Motor Floor Shot Blasting Machine

The Second Type Double Motor Floor Shot Blasting Machine

How Shot Blasting Machine Works?

The portable shot blasting machine projects a large number of small steel balls onto the surface of the road at a high speed and a certain angle by mechanical method. Small shot blasting machine enables the shot materials to impact and roughen the road surface while removing the laitance, paint, old coatings, dirt and other contaminants. At the same time, the negative pressure generated by the precipitator of the concrete floor shot blaster will recover the shot material and dust. After the cleaning of the air flow, the intact shot materials will be automatically recycled, and the dust will also fall into the dust collection box.

Shot Blasting Machine Working Principle

Shot Blasting Machine Working Principle

Working Principle of Floor Shot Blasting Machine

Working Efficiency of Floor Shot Blaster

If the floor shot blasting machine works in concrete or cement floor, it’s working efficiency can be 300-600m2/h. For steel plate, if the rust-removal grade is SA2.5, the speed of the small shot blasting machine is about 4 meters per minute. SA3 is about 3m/min. And the processing area of SA2.5 is approximately 100-180 square meters per hour.

The Third Type of Double Motor Concrete Shot Blasting Machine

The Third Type of Double Motor Concrete Shot Blasting Machine

Dust Collector for the Third Floor Blasting Machine

Shot Blasting Machine Spares

The portable shot blaster in Yugong mainly consists of a control cabinet, a rebound high-pressure chamber, shot blasting motor, walking handles, feed inlet, dust collector connectors, separating system, walk driving system, etc.

In control cabinet, you can find main switch, motor light switch of shot blasting motor,  ammeter,  electric instructions, emergency stop switch, walking switch, and walking speed switch, which makes the operation easy and high-efficient. Shot separating system mainly controls the separation of shot material and dust. The walk driving system is driven by a motor. More detailed parts please contact us, and our sales manager will present to you clearly.

More importantly, we have matched dust collector with the floor shot blasting machine. The dust collector matched with the concrete floor shot blasting machine uses three-way back-blowing to clean the dust, and to ensure the smooth circulation of the dust collector, it adopts the pulse valve and the sequential control principle. In addition, the vacuum cleaner uses poly raw grease dedusting hose to make sure the connection is wear-resistant and reliable. And the filter paper in this dust collector is imported to strengthen the good dust removal result and long-term stable service.

The Fourth Type of Steel Shot Blasting Machine

The Fourth Type of Steel Shot Blasting Machine

Wide Application of the Floor Shot Blaster

Results of the Floor Shot

Nine Top Technical Features of Floor Shot Blasting Machine

1. Concrete floor shot blaster is easy to operate and move around, and can achieve 360-degree turning.

2. Portable shot blaster for sale in Yugong adopts advanced electric control technology such as frequency conversion speed regulation, PLC control, phase sequence protection and text display to ensure the accurate realization of various functions.

3. The concrete shot blasting equipment can set cleaning speed, supply amount of shot material, pulse back flushing time period, and the cleaning interval of the dust filter cartridge according to the different conditions of the road surface. What’s more, it can also make you achieve the required cleaning effect through the adjustable of the parameters.

4. The working width of the mini shot blasting machine can up to 800mm which is very high in efficiency.

5. The whole construction working process of the automatic shot blasting machine is dust-free and pollution-free, which is good to environmental protection and the health of workers.

6. During construction, the road surface structure can almost remain intact without damage.

7. The pulse can achieve automatic back flushing and dust removal which allows the floor shot works continuously.

8. The steel shots are automatically circulated inside the mobile shot blasting machine and the consumption is very low.

9. The structure of the concrete floor shot blasting equipment is reasonable, and convenient to repair and replace the wearing parts.

Floor Shot Blasting Machine in Yugong Factory

Five Typical Applications of Concrete Floor Shot Blaster

1. Asphalt road. Small shot blasting machine can be used to improve the roughness and friction coefficient of asphalt road so that the adhesion of the road can be improved, which ensuring a safe driving. Meanwhile, fuel oil, engine oil, and other contaminants can be removed, which can increase the anti-sliding performance of the road.

2. Steel structure bridge anti-corrosion coating. When constructing a bridge, the floor shot blasting machine plays a very important role in the cleaning and roughening of the bridge surface to resist corrosion.

3. Tunnel maintenance. In tunnels, the surface generally is concrete cement, and small shot blaster is a good way in dealing with the tunnel surface because it is easy in operation, low in cost, good in performance, and free of pollution.

4. Preventive maintenance of airport runways. A portable shot blaster can easily remove the traces and markings on concrete and asphalt runways. And it can also increase the roughness of the airport runways surface.

5. Municipal roads and paved roads. Shot blasting machine is widely used in road pavements to remove the markings in the road surface. For traffic intersection, the road surface can be roughened to increase the roughness and friction.

Shot Blasting Machine Price-Affordable Factory Price

Here in Henan Yugong Machinery Company Co., Ltd, you can enjoy a competitive factory price in the purchase of not only floor shot blasting machine but also other machines like mini roller compactor, line marking machine, power trowel machine, crack sealing machine, wire saw machine, rock splitter, mortar sprayer, road scarifier, etc. The reason is that Yugong has its own production base and professional production team. There is no third party between us, which can save you a lot cost. And with ISO9001 and CE approval, you have no need to worry about the quality of our machine. Welcome your visit to our factory and company, and look forward to your cooperation!

Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers-Reliable Henan Yugong

Henan Yugong is a reliable and professional shot blasting machine manufacturer in China. Machines in Yugong has been exported to over 40 countries around the world, and our customers send positive feedback for Yugong machinery. You can find small road machinery like line marking machine, mini roller compactor, cracking sealing machine, power trowel machine, etc here, and you can also find other spraying machine like shotcrete machine and mortar sprayer, cutting and splitting machine like rock splitter and wire saw here in Yugong. If the machine you need is not presented in this website, please contact us freely, and we will provide help as could as we can.

Maintenance of the floor shot blasting machine

1. Regular Lubrication. The electric system of the floor shot blasting machine need to be lubricated regularly to extend the service life of the machine.

2. Improve the operating environment. Humidity and other negative environment conditions are not good for the stability of the shot blasting machine because they may cause the short circuit of the machine. So, you must let the floor shot work in suitable condition.

3. Regular inspection. Regular inspections can avoid the sudden break of the shot blasting machine and prolong the service life.

4. Record the malfunction. You should record every malfunction of the concrete floor shot blasting equipment including the malfunction reaction, analysis, reasons, treatment method, and preventive measures because it can provide reference for similar problems in the future.

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