Hydraulic Rock Splitter for Sale

Hydraulic rock splitter is commonly used in concrete, rock, and stone splitting. You can apply it in engineering construction, mining, decoration, secondary disintegration of large rock, and demolition of concrete components. Hydraulic concrete splitter manufactured by Henan Yugong Machinery Co., Ltd enjoys its good reputation for high-safety, fast-speed, and adjustable oil voltage. Hydraulic rock splitter is mainly consists two parts: pump station, hydraulic cylinder, and splitter. The pump station can be driven by electricity and diesel, and the number of the splitter can be chosen according to your needs.

Electric and Diesel Hydraulic Rock Splitter

Technical Parameter of the Hydraulic Rock Splitter





Wedge Length (mm)




Piston Stroke (mm)




Drilling Depth (mm)




Drilling Diameter (mm)




Splitting Width (mm)




Splitting Time (s)




Punching Diameter (mm)




Splitting Force (T)




Weight (kg)




Note: The model is set according to length of the wedge. The longer of the wedge, the stronger of the splitting force.

 Three Types of Hydraulic Rock Splitter

Diesel Hydraulic Rock Splitter


Electric Hydraulic Rock Splitter

Electric Hydraulic Rock Splitter for Sale

YUGONG Hydraulic Rock Splitter for Sale

1. Huge spiltting force up to 800 tons

2. Environment-friendly and very low noise

3. Easy operation and light weight

4. One year warranty

5. High precision work

6. Cost effective and quick splitting

7. Electricity-powered and diesel-powered both are available

8. Wide application even in hard access places

Detailed Parts of Hydraulic Rock Splitter

Application of the Hydraulic Rock Splitter

How Does A Hydraulic Rock Splitter Work?

The smooth work of the hydraulic stone splitter relies on the pump station and the splitter. A hydraulic pump station can be equipped with several splitters, an you can choose the number of the splitter according to your needs. The hydraulic splitter valve enables these splitters to connect with the hydraulic pump station.


When the hydraulic concrete splitter is in working, the pump station will release high-pressure oil to drive the oil tank so that generating enormous push force to push the forwarding of the wedge in the splitter. And the wedge will force the splitting material to split in required direction within a short time.

 Wide Application of the Hydraulic Rock Splitter

Hydraulic Rock Splitter Manufacturers

I guess you can find many hydraulic rock splitter manufactures in Google or other platform like Alibaba and MIC. But we still have faith in recommending our hydraulic rock splitter because we believe we can provide you satisfactory product and service. We have our professional website, and professional research and developing team. so you can trust us.

How to Use A Rock Splitter

1. Check the pressure before starting to make sure whether the oil meets the oil table instructions. (Need to reach the oil standard instructions 2/3 or more).

2. Straighten the hydraulic rock splitter hose to avoid bend and lock each quick connector.

3. The two slopes in the power head are coated with high-pressure grease making two pieces buckled well. The gap is not crooked and do not open to ensure that there is no sand and gravel. After splitting 2-3 holes, the debris and power head bevel should be cleaned and re-coated with oil.

4. Insert the sharp head of the hydraulic splitter to the hole.

5. Start the pump station by pressing the power control switch, and please pay attention to the running direction of the motor and the mortar fan should spin clockwise.

6. Start the hydraulic splitter oil tank valve, and add pressure oil to the hydraulic splitter hose.

7. Start the gun body on the valve handle. when the oil pressure to 60Mpa and the stone is not completely separated, the tablets were subjected to secondary separation or tertiary separation.

8. After the completion of splitting work, you should unload the oil pressure and close the pump motor (or gasoline, diesel) to avoid oil temperature is too high.

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