Line Marking Machine for Sale

 Line marking machine is a kind of road small construction machine like road roller compactor, crack sealing machine, concrete power trowel machine, and road scarifier which is widely used in roads, highways, parking lots, squares, and runways to draw restrictions, directions, and warnings on flat surfaces. For its wide applications, line marking machine also is called road marking machine, white line marking machine, pavement marking machine, field line painter, and car park line painting equipment. Road marking equipment plays an important role in urban planning and highway construction because of its fast, efficient, accurate and other advantages. It saves the construction period and economic investment to the greatest extent.

YG-HXJ-01 Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine for Sale

  YG-HXJ-01 Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine for Sale

Two Main Types of Road Marking Machine

There are two main types of line marking machine for sale in YUGONG:

1. Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine

2. Cold paint Road Marking Machine

And the following content will present detailed introduction on these two types of road marking machines.

YG-HXJ-02 Thermoplastic Convex Machine for Sale

thermoplastic line marking machine

Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine for Sale

Thermoplastic road marking machine for sale in YUGONG is a kind of high-automation road surfacing machine which gains its development because of the appearance of thermoplastic road paint. As the key machinery of thermoplastic road marking, thermoplastic paint machine has done excellently in the white line road marking. The specially manufactured high-precision cast iron scribing bucket ensures that the marked lines are flush, the head and the thickness is uniform, and the line shape is beautiful. YUGONG automatic thermoplastic road marking machine enjoys a high popularity among customers for its high-efficiency, fast-speed, flexible-operation, and easy-maintenance characteristics.

YG-HXJ-03 Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine Sale

thermoplastic machine

YG-HXJ-04 Automatic Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine

thermoplastic paint machine

Cold Paint Line Marking Machine for Sale

YUGONG manufactures three models of cold paint line marking machine, and you can see them from the following picture and specifications. cold plastic road marking machine is one of the oldest conventional line marking machine which can be widely seen in the construction of pedestrian crossing road markings, motorway road markings, sports field marking, car park line marking, parking lot striping, etc. Like cracking sealing machine, shot blasting machine, concrete power trowel machine, and road scarifier, cold road marking machine is an very important road construction machine.

YG-HXJ-05 Cold Paint Road Marking Machine

cold paint road marking machine

YG-HXJ-06 Cold Plastic Road Marking Machine

YG-HXJ-06 Cold Plastic Road Marking Machine

YG-HXJ-07 Cold Line Paint Machine

YG-HXJ-07 Cold Line Paint Machine

Seven Top Features of Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine for Sale

1. HTS system. Stable-walking, low-noise, and easy-operation.

2. High temperature resistance materials (2000 degree).

3. Variably-automatic glass bead spreader. Uniform and saving glass bead spreading.

4. Special rubber wheel system and rear wheel director. Wear resistant, aging resistant, and high temperature resistant.

5. PLC microelectronic intelligent control system. Various line type standards can be preset, and customers can adjust the number of bumps, line length, line height, and line spacing as needed. By the way, the standard bump height is 3-7mm.

6. Sturdy welded frame chassis, and the surface is chrome-plated or heat-resistant sprayed. High-speed imported bearings ensure that the machine is lighter and more flexible.

7. Upgraded generation. Widely used in the marking of highway, roads, streets, pavements, parking lot, etc.

cold paint road marking machine details

Eight Outstanding Technical Features of Cold Paint Line Marking Machine

1. Motor. YUGONG cold paint road marking machine adopts DC sealed and brushless motor which features in long life, easy maintenance, and low maintenance cost.

2. Plunger pump body. We adopt full oil immersion lubrication with the boost of hydraulic power to reduce wear. The service life of our cold paint line marking machine can reach more than 40,000 hours.

3. Seal. The seal in our road line marking machine is made with imported materials from the United States which is very strong in wear resistance.

4. Suction pipe net. Our white line marker is equipped with large liquid surface which is bot easy to block.

5. Valve. The inlet valve and outlet valve in our road line painting equipment use spherical ceramic beads which are superb in wear resistance, and can serve ten times longer than traditional steel balls.

6. Pressure regulation. We equip mechanically automatic pressure regulation system in the line striping equipment which can ensure stable pressure and with no pulse.

7. Frame. The frame of the cold paint road marking machine is three-dimensional design which is characteristic of easy-moving and detachable.

8. Configuration. Electric and diesel-powered cold road marking machines are all available. Air compressor is not required to lower maintenance fee.

YG-HXJR-01 Hydraulic Double-Cylinder Thermoplastic Pre-Heater

Hydraulic Double-Cylinder Thermoplastic Pre-Heater

YG-HXJR-02 Mechanistic Double-Cylinder Thermoplastic Pre-Heater

Mechanistic Double-Cylinder Thermoplastic Pre-Heater

Road Marking Machine Manufacturer-Recognized and Reliable YUGONG

Henan Yugong Machinery Company is a professional and recognized road marking machine and other machinery manufacturer and supplier which keeps its high speed development with the principle of “Quality First and Customers First”. We are very glad to provide help for our clients, maybe including you. Our factory staff will dedicate themselves to manufacture better machinery for you, and workers in company will provide more useful help for you. We treasure each of you and look forward to your cooperation.

cold paint road marking machine in factory

Road Marking Machine Price-Reasonable and Affordable

Road marking machine price is set according to the quality of the machine. Because Yugong has its own factory and production team, so the price we offer is competitive factory price. And if you want the road machine price list, please feel free to contact us. We will do what we can do to make our cooperation happy and win-win. The price of the cold paint road marking machine and thermoplastic road marking machine is different, so you can choose different type according to your cost.

Technical Parameter of Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine

Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine for Sale

Capacity of Thermoplastic Machine

120kg (60L)

Glass Beads Volume

120kg (60L)

Thermoplastic Machine Engine

Honda 5.5HP four-stroke air-cooled gasoline engine

Thermoplastic Machine Fuel




Thermoplastic Machine Driving System

Imported oil pressurized continuously variable speed transmission system (HTS) with automatic brake device that can freely go ahead, back off and stop.

Thermoplastic Machine Driving Speed

Forwarder 0-4km/h, back off 0-3.2km/h

Max. Climbing Capacity


Thermoplastic Machine Dimension

1360*90081100 mm

Thermoplastic Machine Weight

265 kg

Technical Parameter of Cold Paint Road Marking Machine

Cold Paint Line Marking Machine for Sale


YG-6L Single Gun

YG-8L Double Gun

Load Flow



Maximum Output Pressure



Nozzle Standard Configuration


High Pressure Pipe Strength



High Pressure Pipe Length


Ф6*2  Ф10*10m




Maximum Spray Width



Engine Power



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