Mortar Spraying Machine

Mortar spraying machine, also known as cement spray machine or concrete spraying machine, which is a kind of spraying machine like shotcrete machine can be commonly seen in wall and road painting. It is very common now in using cement spray machines because they are high in efficiency and saving in materials. Mortar sprayer for sale in YUGONG has very high spraying efficiency, and it has very good coating effect in all kinds of corners, concave and convex and gap of the surface of the work. At the same time, it can use the material in the maximum degree with the least waste. In addition, mortar machine in YUGONG adopts the way of high pressure and airless spraying, which can make the coating go deep into the object to be coated, which can protect the coating and keep the coating in good condition for a long time. 

Mortar Spraying Machine

Mortar Sprayer

YG-MS-01 Render Spray Rachine for Sale

YG-MS-01 Render Spray Rachine for Sale

Wide Application of the Mortar Spraying Machine

The spraying machine for sale in YUGONG can be applied to wall and ceiling painting work, road painting, highways and railways painting, tunnels painting, etc. And materials like putty powder, paint, latex paint, dry mortar, cement mortar, insulation mortar, waterproof and fireproof materials, real stone paint, sound-absorbing materials, and others which are water-soluble materials are suitable materials for a mortar spray machine. So buy one set of mortar sprayer can bring many convenience for you. 

YG-MS-02 Mortar Sprayer for Sale

YG-MS-02 Mortar Sprayer for Sale

YG-MS-03 Mortar Spraying Machine for Sale

YG-MS-03 Cement Sprayer for Sale

YG-MS-04 Cement Mortar Spraying Machine for Sale

YG-MS-04 Render Sprayer for Sale

YG-MS-05 Spray Plaster Machine for Sale

YG-MS-05 Spray Plaster Machine for Sale

YG-MS-06 Spraying Machine for Sale

YG-MS-06 Spraying Machine for Sale

YG-MS-07 Mortar Sprayer for Sale

YG-MS-07 Mortar Sprayer for Sale

YG-MS-08 Mortar Spray Machine for Sale

YG-MS-08 Mortar Spray Machine for Sale

YG-MS-09 Spraying Machine for Sale

YG-MS-09 Spraying Machine for Sale

Five Top Features of Mortar Spraying Machine

1. High-Efficiency. The efficiency of using an mortar spray machine is about 10 times that of traditional manual roller brush, which save you much time, energy, and cost of over 20%. A set mortar spray machine is equivalent of 20 workers.

2. Smooth and Fine Coating. Render spraying machine uses high paint pressure to atomize paint into fine particles, which are distributed on the wall surface evenly, making the paint of the wall form smooth and dense coating, without brush marks and roll mark. This is feature is incomparable.

3. Strong Coating Adhesion. A strong coating adhesion can extend the life of the coating. Coating particles under the action of high pressure to permeate inside wall body, enhancing the relation between coating particles and wall body mechanical bite.

4. High Utilization. High utilization rate of paint is a spotlight. Compared with brush painting and roll painting, wall spraying machine needn’t to dip in paint, which could avoid much waste. And the concrete sprayer is easy to reach corners and gaps making the overall work clean and tidy.

5. Customization Service. If you think the 5.5kw mortar machine can’t meet your needs, you can ask for 7.5kw, and we can let you satisfied. The color of the spraying machine can be white, blue, red, or other required colors. What’s more, the operation way of the mortar spray machine can be hand-controlled or remote control.

Spare Parts of the Mortar Spraying Machine

Main Parts of the Mortar Sprayer for Sale

A cement spray machine mainly consists of a grouting pipe, stator, rotar, spraying gun, vibrating motor, vibrating sieve, oil pump, air hose, and electric control box. The motor provide strong power for the mortar pump machine, and you can operate the cement spraying machine easily under the instructions on the electric control box. For those vulnerable parts, we will ship another set for you along with the machine. The mortar machine is very simple in structure and operation, and with complete after-sales services and ISO9001 and CE approval, you have no need to worry about quality and other things.

Detailed Parts of Cement Spraying Machine

How Does A Mortar Spray Machine Work?

The cement mortar spraying machine is a special painting equipment that adopts the spraying technology. The principle is to control the airflow to instantly promote the reversing of the gas distribution reversing device so that the piston of the pneumatic motor can perform a continuous and reciprocating motion. It is well known that the main working part of the concrete spraying machine is a double-acting pneumatic and hydraulic booster pump, and the reversing mechanism which is a special pilot-type of reversing device with full-air-operated valve.

 Wide Application of the Spraying Machine

After entering the compressed air and the piston moves to the upper or lower end of the cylinder, the upper pilot valve or the lower pilot valve of the mortar sprayer for sale in YUGONG is actuated, and the air flow is controlled to promptly change the direction of the air distribution reversing device so that the piston of the air motor can perform a more and more continuous reciprocating motion. The piston in the cement mortar spraying machine is closely connected to the plunger in the paint plunger pump, and the area of the piston is much larger than the area of the plunger. As a result, the suctioned paint is pressurized. The supercharged paint is delivered to the airless spray gun via a high-pressure hose, and finally the hydraulic pressure is released at the airless nozzle. Then, the paint is sprayed onto the surface of the object to form a coating layer.

Package of the Mortar Spraying Machine

Technical Parameter of Wall Spraying Machine for Sale


Mortar Spraying Machine




380v/5.5kw (7.5Kw is also available)



Conveying Tube ID


Max. Aggregate Size


Hopper Volume


Screw Length


Particle Diameter




Machine Size


Applicable Material Proportion

1:1:3(Water: Lime: Sand)


Horizontal and vertical


Cement: 50m or 30m

Mortar: 60m or 40m

Mortar Sprayer Supplier-Reliable and Reputable YUGONG

Henan Yugong is an reliable machinery manufacturer which specializes in the design and production of mining equipment, road construction machinery, tunnel construction equipment, bridge construction machinery, etc. YUGONG regards products quality and services as two highest pursuits since the establishment day. Machinery like line marking machine, rock splitters, road roller compactor, shot blasting machine, road leveling machine, shotcrete machine, etc has been exported to many countries around the world like India, Pakistan, South Africa, Guinea, Zambia, Brazil, America, Russia, etc. Home and abroad customers trust YUGONG and Yugong machinery, and we will improve ourselves gradually to provide better products and services for you all!

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