Power Trowel for Sale

Power trowel is a kind of road construction tool and equipment like floor shot blaster, mini roller compactor, and line marking machine which is mainly used for the lifting, compaction, smoothing and smearing of concrete surfaces. Compared with human workers, concrete power trowel machine in Yugong can make the surface smoother, and can greatly improve compactness and wear resistance of the concrete surface. More importantly, the working efficiency of the concrete finishing machine is more than 10 times compared with the manual operation. The power trowel can be widely used for high-standard workshops, warehouses, parking lots, squares, airports, and concrete surfaces of framed buildings for slurrying, troweling, and smearing. A power trowel machine is the first choice in concrete road surface finishing.

YG-R01 Ride on Power Trowel for Sale

YG-R02 Ride on Power Trowel for Sale

Different Types of Concrete Power Trowel Machine

According the different operating way, the concrete power trowel machine includes two types:


1. Ride on Power Trowel

2. Walk Behind Trowel Machine


According the driven power, there are also two types of concrete finishing machine:


1. Electric Power Trowel Machine

2. Gasoline Power Trowel

YG-R04 Ride on Power Trowel for Sale

Ride on Power Trowel for Sale

Ride on power trowel is mainly for the construction of large-scale concrete floor and professional super-flat floors. Compared with walk behind concrete power trowel or hand held concrete power trowel, ride on tracked power trowel enjoys a higher working efficiency and better construction quality. The enhanced gearbox and clutch of the ride on concrete power trowel greatly enhance the reliability of the machine enabling the operation to be easier and faster. You can choose the right model YG-R800, YG-R900, or YG-R1000 according to the concrete floor panning area. The three models differ in power trowel pan diameter. More detailed parameter in the frame below.

Detailed Parts of Ride on Power Trowel

Detailed Parts of the Ride on Power Trowel

Application of Ride on Power Trowel

Ride on Power Trowel Technical Parameter






Lifan2v78(24hp) or HondaGX690(24hp)

Disc Diameter (mm)




Disc Thickness (mm)


Blade Quantity


Blade Size (mm)




Working Diameter 9mm)




Working Thickness (mm)


Size (mm)




Weight (kg)




YG-W01 Walk Behind Trowel Machine for Sale

YG-W02 Walk Behind Trowel Machine for Sale

Walk Behind Trowel Machine for Sale

The walk behind concrete power trowel plays a very important role in improving the working efficiency. Hand held concrete power trowel in Henan Yugong is equipped with the world brand HONDA engine which can provide strong and reliable power. What’s more, the hand held vibrating concrete trowel has lighting system with 2-4 lights to make workers work in night. And automatic water spray device enables the hand-held cement vibrating troweling to work in dry concrete floors. You can choose your preferred model from the below walk behind power trowel parameter frame.

 Detailed Parts of Walk Behind Trowel Machine


Engine of the Power Trowel for Sale

Engine of the Concrete Power Trowel

Technical Parameter of Walk Behind Trowel Machine for Sale







Honda GX160 / Lifan 168F / B&S XR750


5.5HP 163cc

Disc Diameter (mm)





Disc Thickness (mm)


Blade Quantity


Blade Size (mm)


Working Diameter (mm)





Working Thickness (mm)


Size (mm)





Weight (kg)





Concrete Power Trowel Parts

The main structure of the concrete power trowel machine is a disc with blades driven by an engine. The tilting direction of the blades is the same as the direction of the disc, and they rotate rapidly under the driving of the motor. Other parts in the concrete power trowel machine are armrest bar, aluminum high-precision gearbox, and blade supporting arm.


Of course, for ride on power trowel, there is no armrest arm, but a seat on top of the engine. And there are two steering stick to control the direction of the machine.

Application of the Walk Behind Power Trowel

Nine Technical Features of Ride on Power Trowel

1. Power trowel that workers can ride on greatly reduces the labor intensity and improves the working efficiency.

2. Power trowel for sale in Henan Yugong can install two power trowel pans at the same time, which can quicken the speed of pulping.

3. There are ten power trowel blades in this ride on power trowel machine in both directions. And the self-weight of the ride on concrete trowel machine is 430Kg which can achieve a better compaction effect on the ground.

4. The concrete power trowel adopts mechanical steering which is responsive and easy in operation. And the gear is variable. With high-grade power trowel pans, the speed can reach 180 rpm making the light collection faster and the effect is better. The low speed can make the power trowel pan more powerful.

5. Equipped with imported powerful Honda motor, the concrete power trowel can generate strong and reliable power.

6. The switch in the cement finishing machine can be safely disconnected ensuring the safety.

7. The control screw in the power trowel machine can adjust the angle of the power trowel blade easily.

8. The sprinkler and lighting design in concrete finishing trowel machine make the construction easy.

9. The walking wheel can be lifted or lowered which is convenient for changing the power trowel span and walking.

Concrete Power Trowel Tips

1. You should check whether the concrete power trowel machine is in good condition everyday (after working 5-10 hours).

2. Check it from time to time that if there is any oil consumption of gearbox turbine worm.

3. Check if there is any lubricant oil consumption of engine (by observing the dipstick).

4. Check if there is any problem with the electric circuit (The timer on the machine can show the working hours).

Concrete Power Trowel Instructions

After the purchase of the concrete power trowel machine, we will send you an English instruction which mainly includes the description, specification, features, operation, safety instructions, maintenance, common faults, and some other relevant details so that you can operate the machine correctly and safely.

Concrete Float Machine Price-Reliable Price in Henan Yugong

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