Road Construction Tools and Equipment for Sale

Road construction tools and equipment are machines used in road construction and maintenance. Main road work tools in Henan YUGONG are lining marking equipment, small roller compactor, concrete power trowel machine, crack sealing machine, and concrete floor milling machine. Road work equipment here is not like those heavy construction machines, but small small construction equipment. So they are low in cost. Road construction tools and equipment for sale in YUGONG have been exported to many countries like India, America, Zambia, Guinea, Pakistan, Russia, Korea, South Africa, etc. YUGONG is an reputable machinery manufacturer in China and abroad, so you can feel assured to buy road construction tools and machines from here.

Types of Tools for Road Construction

Road work equipment is various in types, and the most common two types are road repair machine and road construction machine. Road repair machines are used as the maintenance of the road, and road construction machines are machines to build or renovate road.

Road repair machines in YUGONG mainly are concrete joint sealing machine, shot blasting machine, spraying machine, concrete floor milling machine, etc.

Road construction machines mainly consist of road marking equipment, road roller compactor, concrete power trowel machine, etc.

Road construction tools I have listed above are the most popular machines among customers. And actually we have many other road construction power tools for you to select, such as plate compactor, road leveling machine, and bush hammer. If you are in need of any of these machines, please feel free to contact us by online chatting or email.

Road Construction Machinery Price List

Henan Yugong Machinery Company can provide you with a competitive and reasonable price of all road work equipment fro the following three reasons:

Firstly, we are a professional manufacturer, not only a supplier. YUGONG has its own factory in manufacturing road machinery and equipment and other types of machines. So there is no third party between us, which can save you many costs.

Secondly, we are quite mature in manufacturing road construction tools. Every process in producing road construction power tools is strictly checked by skilled technicians who are very experienced in small construction vehicles.

Thirdly, YUGONG’s factory locates in the middle of Henan, China where has many exporters and factories, so the cost of us is quite low.

Advantages of YUGONG Road Construction Tools and Equipment

1. Flexible. Road construction tools and equipment in YUGONG are all small-sized equipment which are very convenient.

2. Easy to operation. These small construction equipment is very easy in operation. You can learn how to operate in half an hour even though you have never seen these machines.

3. Low maintenance rate. YUGONG machinery is a reputable brand both in China and abroad. One of the reason is that our road work equipment is good in quality, that is, low maintenance rate because we adopt wear-resistant materials in key components.

4. Simple design and small footprint. For the small size of the road construction machinery, they take a small floor.

Road Construction Equipment Manufacturers

Henan Yugong Machinery Company specializes in the manufacturing of machinery like road machinery, cutting and splitting machine, spraying machine, drilling machine, etc. Road machinery is one of the most popular type machines among our customers. Small construction equipment in YUGONG meets the requirements of authoritative quality inspection institute, and gets the approval of ISO9001. So please contact us freely.

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